Memories 0.5 update and Memories 3D Separation

Hi all,

Here's a breakdown of some things I've been working on lately.

Memories 3D Separation

As the title suggests, I'm separating Memories 3D into its own project. This way, I can better manage things such as feedback and progress updates.

Here's a link to Memories 3D's project page:

0.5 Progress Update

Due to how much time this is taking me (as I'm naturally creating the 3D version too), I have decided to cut SOME content from 0.5. By this, I simply mean, there's going to be less story.

There is still going to be a whole new area available which will have events in and a few side quests.

I'm not going to put an ETA on 0.5 as I don't when and how much time I'll spend developing it (as it is something I do in my free time). However, do be sure that when it does get released, you'll see a new progress update with the details.

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