0.5 Progress Update

Hi All,

I hope you're well.

Here's a quick rundown on what's happening with 0.5 :)

Map Changes/Creations

  • There's been some minor changes to the maps that are currently playable
  • Major changes have been made to some of the maps that will be in the 0.5 release.
  • More areas have been created including a Quest Hall, Fast Travel and Castle rooms.

0.5 Story Progression

The amount of story I want to add into the game (for 0.5's release) is almost complete and there will be a new character joining the party!

What's left to do?

There's still a fair amount I need to complete before 0.5 is released so it is still a ways off yet. Couple that with the fact that I'll also be creating a 3D version of the game, progress won't be as fast as usual.

In terms of specifics:

  • There are still at least 3 building interiors that need creating (and the relevant events creating for them too) as well as some other areas that need fleshing out.
  • There will be side-quests that can be complete but, they still need to be created and tested first.
  • There are still cutscenes that need creating and fleshing out as well as testing a "particular" battle.
  • As Fast Travel is now in the game, I will be creating and testing more side-quests that only unlock based on character level which may require you to travel back to Rochwood (or nearby areas).
  • The most important thing that needs finishing is the rest of the story (for 0.5 anyway).

Once I'm happy that I've completed most (if not all) of the above areas, 0.5 will be released.

Now, because I'll mainly be working on the 3D version of Memories starting mid-Feb, progress on 0.5 will be prioritised until I get the software I need to start work on the 3D version. If 0.5 isn't out by mid-Feb, it likely won't be out for a fair while (roughly March/April time). This is because Memories 3D was a Kickstarter project and there are rewards that need to be fulfilled. Once the rewards have been fulfilled, I will work on both the RPG Maker version and the 3D version equally.

That's all for now. Thanks for stopping by and as always, stay tuned!

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