Update 0.4.3

Hi all,

Another minor update which has changed a few things (this is mainly an optimisation and stat balancing update). See below.

  • Changed the "Attack" stat for the following weapons:
    • Bronze Sword - Decreased
    • Iron Sword- Decreased 
    • Bronze Knife - Decreased
    • Iron Knife - Decreased
    • Bronze Staff - Increased
  • The Mage has a new skill they can unlock called "Tranquility". It will remove any negative states from 1 ally.
  • There is a new piece of armor the Mage can get called the "Felt Robe" which has increased physical and magical defence.
  • Changed the class attributes slightly:
    • Warrior class (the one the main character uses) has slightly less attack and defence.
    • Thief class (the main companion uses this) has slightly less attack and defence.
    • Mage class (Nessa uses this) has slightly increased Magic Attack
  • Minor dialogue changes
  • Minor gameplay changes (specifically when you encounter "The" bad guy for the second time).
  • Changes to the background music.
  • Minor map changes.
  • More back-end work has been complete (a.k.a 0.5 work).
  • Minor changes to skills and their effects.
  • Changes some of the enemy stats:
    • Virtually all enemies are tougher and have more;
      • Health
      • Attack
      • Defence
      • M.Attack
      • M.Defence
      • Agility
      • Luck
  • A couple more weapons have been added to the game for the mage but aren't yet accessible.
  • New items are available to purchase later in the game, specifically, items that will boost certain stats during battle.
  • New states have been introduced (states are things like "Poisoned" etc.). The new states are:
    • Sharp - Coincides with the new items mentioned above.
    • Toughened - Coincides with the new items mentioned above.
    • Blink - Coincides with the new items mentioned above.
    • Nullify - Coincides with the new items mentioned above.
    • Intellect - Coincides with the new items mentioned above.
    • Paralyze 
    • Badly Poisoned
    • Wrapped
    • Corrupt
  • New enemies have been created but cannot yet be encountered.

As well as the changes listed above, I've also changed the way the Android version's .apk file is created. Because this is the first time testing it this way, I'm not sure if there will be any issues. If there are and I can't resolve them, I will switch back to the old way of creating the .apk files.

That's all for now. To keep up to date with the latest information, follow me.

As always stay tuned and have a happy new year!

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