3D Announcement?!?!

Hi All,

Hopefully at the start of the new year (or soon after) I'm going to start making progress on the game as usual as I've taken a small break this month over the Christmas period.

By that time I'm hoping to have purchased some more software that will allow me to make a 3D version of the game.

I've used the trial version of the software and all seemed okay (although I did have limited amounts of textures due to it being a trial).

When I purchase the full version, I'm going to start creating Memories in 3D alongside the standard 2D version you've had access to.

My plan of action for the new year is to first patch the currently uploaded game with some fixes that have been made (as it seems there's a bug halting progress), but I'll also be making some changes to the ship area (you won't have seen this yet). Once I've made the changes, I'll upload the patch and then start working on the 3D version.

By the time 0.5 is ready to roll out, I'm wanting to try and push out the experimental 3D version. If the 3D version kicks off really well, I'll continue developing in 3D (alongside the 2D version). Keep in mind that if the 3D version does go well, I'll need to balance my time between the two versions and progress will likely be slower while I learn how to use the new system while still making progress with the normal 2D version too.

Let's hope all goes well.

As usual, stay tuned and follow me to keep up to date with information about the game!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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