Another quick 0.5 update

Hi all!

Just another short update on 0.5's progress.

One of the next main areas is almost complete. I just need to flesh out the insides and the NPC's and then I'm good to start on the story!

You can take a sneak peak at what some of these new areas look like from the home page's screenshots and my comments.

Like I've mentioned before, because there's so much I want to pack into this update, it's still a ways off yet.

If I had to give 0.5 a percentage of completion, it'd probably be around 20%.

Here's a brief overview of the things I want to do before rolling this update out:

  • Finish building the area I'm currently working on.
  • Create and flesh out the story relating to this area.
  • Create another side area of the new overworld.
  • Create the second main area that revolves around the story.

That's all for now, but don't forget to stay tuned for more info!

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