Update 0.3.5

Hey guys! Quick update below;

As some of you may or may not know, the game is currently being rebuilt from RPG Maker XP into RPG Maker MV.

I've uploaded a preview of what the game will look like in the new RPG Maker MV engine. The preview only costs $1 but once I'm happy with it, 0.4 will release for free as usual.

There's been a boatload of changes to the way maps are drawn, the way battles work, the look of the Actors and their faces.

  • Now added the function to play on Android
  • Battles are now side-view rather than front facing
  • Default battle windows have been modified (you won't see any difference as this is the first time it's being shown)
  • Small animations will play to show damage or status effects (again you won't see a difference as it's first time seeing)
  • Some of the map areas have been re-drawn so it's not 3-4 small maps anymore and instead it's 1 big area you can travel across
  • New enemies and the parameters for everything are being changed
  • New comparison function to see difference between weapon and armor stats
  • There will be vehicles in the game (not in there yet though)
  • Ability for you to customise the colour of the text windows (although I've not used them in the preview)
  • Ability to customise the font of the game between the default and Montserrat
  • Decreased how frequently random battles occur
  • In a later build there will be dungeon raids that can be done

That's all for now but I hope you enjoy the preview! Stay tuned for updates!


Memories 0.3.5 MV Preview 100 MB
Oct 01, 2017
Memories 0.3.5 MV Preview 89 MB
Oct 01, 2017

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