Memories 0.3 Progress Update

Hi all,

Here's a quick rundown of what's been added/changed in Memories 3D 0.3 (formerly Alpha 2):

Game Fixes/Improvements

Slightly more of the story has been added. Specifically up until the point where the 2D version of Memories is playable. However, Memories 2D does still way ahead in terms of development, just not what's currently playable.

New items and armour have been created:

  • Sharp Stone - Temporarily increases the attack of one ally during battle.
  • Blink Stone - Temporarily increases the evasiveness of one ally during battle.
  • Tough Stone - Temporarily increases the defence of one ally during battle.
  • Resistance Stone F - Temporarily increases the fire element resistance of one ally during battle.
  • Resistance Stone W - Temporarily increases the wind element resistance of one ally during battle.
  • Ring of Ice - A ring that increases the defence and Ice element resistance of its wearer.
  • Ring of Strength - A ring that increases the defence and attack of its wearer.
  • Ring of Defence - A ring that greatly increases the defence of its wearer.

As well as the above, changes to stats have been made to characters, enemies, items and skills. Further changes are very likely.

Transition events (moving from one place to another) has been improved to stop the screen from instantly changing and now provides a smooth fade-out and fade-in effect on all transitions.

New Features

  • The game is now functional on Android. It will be downloadable on release.
  • VR capable version of the game has been setup and will soon be tested. This will be kept separate from the standard version.
  • New area has been created for part of the story progression. This includes a mandatory side-quest and more.

What's Next?

Once 0.3 is released, I will be working on bring Memories 3D up to date with Memories 2D (although this doesn't mean I'm going to stop working on Memories 2D while I do this).

Due to the amount of work that has been put into the next version of Memories 2D, bring this version up to date is going to take quite a long time.  I will try to keep you all up to date with the progress.

You can also stay tuned on my Twitch channel as I often stream the gave development.

Thanks everyone

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